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Yoga is a unique experience in integrating mind, body and spirit. Paltrox Rx Yoga is not meant as an exercise program, but more of a way of life. It provides the foundation of self discipline and relaxation techniques into various poses while incorporating meditation.

One of the responses to stress and anxiety is an increase in blood pressure and if having your blood pressure measured stresses Wellness you then there's every chance you can be mis-diagnosed.

The first type of remedy everyone is familiar with, and that is to see a professional. We all know what that means. Basically you make an appointment with your doctor and he either schedules you for surgery or prescribes whatever color pill. Who knows what the results or side effects will be. Most of the time you hope for the best and live with the results. I don't know about you but I really do not like surgery or pills unless there is absolutely no other remedy for Tinnitus.

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